Pull Request Flow with usethis


Garrick Aden-Buie

A usethis pull request helper function flow diagram. Download the image. (CC BY)


usethis has a number of functions that help you move through the pull-request process in a seamless and organized way. This flow chart helps you chose the right function at the right time.

I’ve transcribed the chart above as best I can into a readable list below. The flow chart isn’t a DAG (directed acyclic graph) since work is very much a cyclic activity. In less data science jargon, this means you may have to jump around the list quite a bit.

The usethis functions described are all documented in the usethis Helpers for GitHub pull requests page, and the two functions from the gert package are documented online at the gert Stage and commit changes page.

The pull request flow

Download the usethis pr_*() flow chart

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