The Book of Us


January 12, 2014

My little sister got married in November (and then turned 24 in December), so I wrote her a birthday/belated wedding song for her and her new husband.

The Book of Us

The book began as an empty page
I held the pen in my hand like a weather vane
Then you walked in to my masquerade
And that’s where we begin

Our chapter opens in a cave
When you stepped in to get out of the rain
I gave you a made up name
But you played me at my game

When I turn the page, we’re in a park
Reading words written from the heart
In the setting sun I’m a question mark
Quivering in the dark

Will you set me free when you’re lying next to me?
Will time step aside when you say that you are mine?
Will I read it in your eyes?

Suddenly my life is a cosmic blur
Of the city streets that we explore
Discovering what the word love is for
When I hold you in my arms

Then our chapter comes to its end
With sad goodbyes and I’ll see you when
I’ll hold you in my heart till then
And we’ll write our book again


But time knows better than we do, we do
I never lost my state of mind when I’m with you
I will always find my way to you, find me way back to you
Here you’re standing next to me, I pledge my life to you
I read your words and know that…