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April 24, 2018

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April 24, 2018
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RStudio Addin emoji
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Search, find and copy emojis inside RStudio. Basically a DT + clipr + miniUI wrapper around hadley/emo.

Why? Because 🤓. But also because I wanted an easy way to find the Unicode strings for emoji.

Installation #

Install ermoji with devtools


Or install using Dean Attali’s addinlist.

Usage #

Open Search and Copy Emoji from the RStudio Addins dropdown.

Pick your emoji and use the “Copy” buttons to copy the emoji to your clipboard.

Browse the Emoji List #

Search for Emoji #

You can use regular expressions to search for any text in the table of emoji.

Search by Emoji #

You can even search by emoji by pasting your emoji into the search field.

Search in Specific Columns #

Search inside individual columns for more specific emoji finding.

ermoji was built by Garrick Aden-Buie ( @grrrck).

Built on the shoulders of giants. Thanks to Hadley Wickham for emo, Yihui Xie and RStudio for DT, Matthew Lincoln for clipr. Thanks to r-lib for devtools and usethis — from idea to package in 60 minutes.

Find more great RStudio addins on the addinlist, like my other addin regexplain.

Feel free to file an issue if you find a bug or have a theme suggestion – or better yet, submit a pull request!