Super glue for data-driven reports and Shiny apps.


Garrick Aden-Buie


September 20, 2023


Chicago, IL


R Markdown, Quarto, and Shiny are powerful frameworks that allow authors to create data-driven reports and apps. Authors blend prose and data, without having to copy and paste results. This is fantastic! But truly excellent reports require a lot of work in the final inch to get numerical and stylistic formatting just right.

{epoxy} is a new package that uses {glue} to give authors templating super powers. First, authors can use epoxy chunks to write sentences or paragraphs in markdown with glue-like inline variables. Then, they can use inline formatting for common numerical or character transformations.

Epoxy works in R Markdown and Quarto, in markdown, LaTeX and HTML outputs. It also provides easy templating for Shiny apps for dynamic data-driven reporting. Beyond epoxy’s features, this talk will also touch on tips and approaches for data-driven reporting that will be useful to a wide audience, from R Markdown experts to the Quarto and Shiny curious.